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087Katherine’s had an unusual childhood, having to leave school at 16.  She worked at a number of casual jobs, before developing a career as a journalist. Her work has been published in major newspapers and magazines in the UK and Australia. Between 2010 and 2013 she was also a copywriter for the Perth Mint and Gold Corporation. Her debut novel reached the UK Best Seller list in 2007, and The City of Subiaco awarded her their Centennial Prize for her  play, Criminal Child.

She has lectured in creative writing and screen studies, engendering a further interest in education. She re-qualified and began her teaching career at Rossmoyne, teaching literature to gifted and talented students but moved on to low-socioeconomic schools to work with children at educational disadvantage. She won WACOT’S World Teacher Award in 2009, and has degrees in art and education, and is currently completing studies in law.  Katherine is founder of ‘No Harm Health’ – a support and lobby group for medical reform in Australia.

Katherine is the proud mother of two children and believes passionately in education, and in serving humankind.




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