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Follow the Yellow Brick Road…

Friends! I was driving down a road nomered ‘Vertigris Road’, which set me to pondering on why it wasn’t called ‘Verdigris’? Had they misspelt it? Was it a mistOke? Further contemplation on the colour verdigris (a fantastic turquoise, often the result of oxidation on copper) lead me to wonder why our roads are always tinted grey? Surely, the world would be a merrier place if our highways were hued in all the colours of the rainbow? And if one accosted a passerby for directions the conversation might run like this:
“Excuse me random stranger, could you tell me how to get to Rockingham?”
“That’s easy, follow the Blue Road until you get to the Hot Magenta Highway and then turn left at the Mellow Yellow (brick?) Road.

Travellers from o’er the seas wouldn’t even need language, they’d just follow the colour codes. Oh! I know the naysayers would condemn this idea, just think of the added expense of all that colour. But what they aren’t measuring is the psychological benefits of such a system. Our world would just be prettier, more artistic-looking place wouldn’t it?

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