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Only a love affair (Valentine’s Day)

Fate happenstanced that I was waiting in McDonalds for a take-away ‘McCoffee’. As I was waiting, I cast about for the newspaper to take a complimentary gander at the day’s happenings. As I looked, I saw a young woman sitting alone at the far wall, she had a large coffee and untouched toast, and to all intents and purposes looked like she was reading a book. The book caught my attention, as it is not unknown for me to do the same as she, aka sneak into a café for a bit of injudicious reading. I hoped to check out what she was reading (curiosity killed the cat) and as I did, I realized the woman wasn’t reading at all but pretending to read. Even as I watched, I noticed a tear roll down the woman’s face and drop into her coffee, followed by another and another…
What was I to do? Ignore this? Pretend I hadn’t seen? As I looked I noticed more; business attire, make-up, hair tied back. As I watched the woman wiped away a fertive tear and looked around to see if anyone had seen, of course she met my eye and these two eyes filled with misery confronted me. At this point, I grabbed some napkins, walked over to her and put them on her table. She looked up at me.
“You seem upset?”
The young woman nodded as further tears spurted in her eyes. I waited, blocking the view so that no one else would see. I waited as the tears rolled.
“I’m sorry,” said the woman, “I can’t stop crying no matter where I go.”
“It’s OK.” I replied, “I’ve been there. I’m blocking the view, no one can see – cry!”
The woman’s shoulders heaved silently and more tears rolled down her cheeks, which she checked with the paper napkins.
“Heartbreak?” I inquired, and she nodded.
The barista called out my number for the coffee, so I asked the young woman if I could come back and join her? She nodded.
I collected my coffee, more napkins and sat down.
“My boyfriend and I broke-up, and I can’t seem to stop crying.”
“Why should you?” I said, “grief is grief, better out than in.”
“I wanted to get married” the young woman confided, “He was my whole life. I don’t think I can live without him. Breathe without him.”
I nodded.
“Why did you break up?” I asked.
“He doesn’t love me.” Another tear rolled down the girl’s cheek. She had long eyelashes, and the tears left a mascara-ed trail down her face.
“Oh dear!” I commiserated, what to say? The end of a love affair is a very sad thing. Not as sad as the death of a loved one, or a cancer diagnosis, but a very sad thing.
I sat quietly, because I am trying in my old age not to launch into lectures or give an opinion too readily (both things I have been guilty of in the past). I just proffered some more tissues and sat. After some minutes, the girl’s tears subsided.
“I’m so embarrassed,” the girl said, “I don’t even know you.”
“Don’t be embarrassed, as I said before, I’ve been there more often than you might imagine.”
The girl nodded. “I’ve got to pull myself together; I am supposed to be at work.” The girl wiped her nose, and got up.
“It’s Katherine.”
I looked into Melody’s eyes and smiled.
“Melody, for what it’s worth, I can say with absolute confidence, that this will pass. Not necessarily today, or even tomorrow but someday, OK?”
Melody nodded.
So, for anyone out there who is feeling like Melody today – this is for you ☺

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