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utumn, in Western Australia, is my favourite time of year.  The light, the mild sunny days and that sweet melancholic feeling that comes with the approaching winter… Which brings me to Easter. Whether you are a Christian, or not, it’s
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Teen Manifesto

If your day starts with attempts to rouse your teenager from sleep, be advised that pleasantries such as “Wakey, wakey, rise and shine”, or “ Darling, you’ll be late for school” will have NO affect on the doona-encrusted youth. (Cold
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1. INT                       LOUNGE ROOM                   NIGHT A FAMILY settles down comfortably in front of a TV.  There are snacks, drinks…all ready
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CONSTABLE: Have you been overindulging at all this evening Ma’am? LADY It’s a fair cop, I done it all, no doubt about that then Officer. CONSTABLE Blow into the Breathalyzer, please. LADY: Yes Officer CONSTABLE: One nice big, deep breath.
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Fate happnestanced to find me at a funeral this week. The event took place in the blazing heat and light of high noon, in Fremantle cemetery. In truth, with the black umbrellas, mourners sweating in dark suits and the vivid
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Time, 2am. You’ve fallen into deep, subterranean sleep, when a noise wakes you. Surfacing reluctantly from the snuggery of the duvet, you realize something is beeping, an alarm is going off “Danger Will Robinson, Danger!”* Is it the smoke alarm?
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Life found me at Fremantle Markets, minding a stall. I was reading ‘The Great Railway Bazaar’ by Paul Theroux (see my book review here) that suited the general ambiance. For those that don’t know, the ‘Freo’ Markets are a public
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Anyone traipsing through a modern shopping mall at Christmas time can see that Christmas has become ALL about presents. “What do you want?” “What did you get me?” Does how much you spend reflect just how much you love or
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Only a love affair (Valentine’s Day)

Fate happenstanced that I was waiting in McDonalds for a take-away ‘McCoffee’. As I was waiting, I cast about for the newspaper to take a complimentary gander at the day’s happenings. As I looked, I saw a young woman sitting
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LONELY THIS HOLIDAY? RENT A RELLIE FROM ME! This service is designed especially for those that can’t abide their own family, or have family members living overseas, or for those sad inadequate loners who don’t have anyone.  (And I’ve been
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