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utumn, in Western Australia, is my favourite time of year.  The light, the mild sunny days and that sweet melancholic feeling that comes with the approaching winter… Which brings me to Easter. Whether you are a Christian, or not, it’s
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After Martin Place

(Formerly called  ‘A Poem From The Infidel’)   I have not seen your face Or looked into your eyes Nor you mine But aren’t we brothers?   Does it matter what each we believe in? What differences we have? Whatever,
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Anyone traipsing through a modern shopping mall at Christmas time can see that Christmas has become ALL about presents. “What do you want?” “What did you get me?” Does how much you spend reflect just how much you love or
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LONELY THIS HOLIDAY? RENT A RELLIE FROM ME! This service is designed especially for those that can’t abide their own family, or have family members living overseas, or for those sad inadequate loners who don’t have anyone.  (And I’ve been
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