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Love makes the world go round, right?  I think it does, love in all its unique and fantastic forms.  Love for your parents or guardians, love for your siblings and other relatives, love for your children, love for your friends, love for your partner, love for your footy team (Go the Dockers!) love for your pets, etc.

When it comes to romantic relationships, it’s clearly important that the person you are sharing your life with really cares.   Just yesterday a friend asked me “well how can you tell if someone really loves you?”  I thought about the answer and here’s my checklist for any of you who may need clarification on this point. I’d say you’d want to be ticking off at least 75% of items of this list for the relationship to be a loving one.  If you aren’t ticking much off,  then don’t say you weren’t given the heads up!

  1. They want to spend time with you even if it’s doing boring stuff
  2. They’ll be respectful about your family and put themselves out to attend your family events
  3. They’ll help you with things they can help you with, like car trouble or lifts to places or painting a room
  4. If you ask for a ‘Starburst’, they’ll give you the last red or pink one
  5. They’ll share their food (chocolate!) with you
  6. They’ll share their stuff with you generally
  7. They’ll come to the doctor with you if you are nervous about something
  8. They’ll hold your hand in public if you want them to
  9. They’ll remember things that are important to you
  10. They’ll remember your birthday or anniversary
  11. (If relevant!) The bedroom is a two-way street, they’ll try to make you happy
  12. If you are tired or ill, they’ll get lunch or dinner and make you a cup of tea
  13. They’ll look at you in a loving way
  14. They’ll seldom criticize you and are proud of you
  15. They’ll give as much or more than they take
  16. They’ll tell you that they love you at some point
  17. They’ll talk about their future with you in it
  18. They’ll look out for you
  19. They’ll take your side and always have your back
  20. They’d never deliberately cause you harm or hurt

I hope this helps, you’ll know in you heart if someone really cares and you won’t need this list or even to ask.  Remember girls and boys don’t carry on PAINTING A DEAD TREE GREEN because we all deserve to be loved, not abused or used! 🙂

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