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“It is, in general, a wonderful thing to run into any of the large birds, as long as they don’t mean ill by you.  You wouldn’t want to find yourself alone on a bridge with a Cassowary, for example…”

I purchased this book on the premise of the amusing title, being unfamiliar with the author. Therefore, I am delighted to report that this handy tome is chock full of brilliant observations and wit.  Jacobson’s prose is an absolute treat, and I gobbled up his words like a hungry pelican in a pie shop.

Based on a selection of Jacobson’s columns from ‘The Independent’ newspaper, the topics trot around the block of what one might monicker ‘musings on modern life’.  It was difficult to pick a favourite – Best Gig in Edinburgh, If it’s “Readable’ Don’t Read It! Pinteresque, Pie Pellicane to name a few.

If I had any criticism (and I don’t really), occasionally Jacobson gets on his soapbox regarding matters Jewish.  We all hate being preached to don’t we?  However, this is a teeny, tiny price to pay for the privilege of reading his work.  I now intend to immediately seek out his  Man Booker prize-winning novel, The Finkler Question.  (I’ll let you know how I get on…)

RATING  If it was thirty below zero, and I had to burn this book to stay warm and alive – well then, I’d choose to freeze.

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